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Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

It’s never too early to begin thinking about your legacy or to shape your Virginia estate plan. A common misconception is that you need to be wealthy to have an estate plan. The Richmond estate planners at Ayers & Stolte will show you why it is important to plan for the future no matter how large or small your estate.

Our Richmond estate planning attorneys customize estate plans to minimize taxes, maximize wealth transfers, and ensure that the final distribution of your assets is in accordance with your wishes. We understand the importance of family and your desire to protect them after you are gone.

At Ayers & Stolte, the goal of our Richmond estate planning lawyers is to protect you – your personal and business assets in the event of your death or incapacity. Proper estate planning can protect your estate from federal and state death taxes. It can also protect your beneficiaries from themselves (i.e. spendthrifts) as well as their creditors (voluntary or involuntary) and can even provide a means for incentivizing future conduct that you wish to promote or encourage.

Richmond Estate Planning

We help individuals and families:

  • Draft complex and simple wills
  • Design testamentary trusts (contained in your Will), including bypass and marital trusts
  • Draw up intervivos trusts (i.e. established while you are alive), revocable and irrevocable
  • Establish life insurance trusts (commonly referred to as an “ILIT”)
  • Set up generation skipping trusts, children’s’ trusts, and educational trusts
  • Protect family limited partnerships and family limited liability companies
  • Establish estate planning for owners of closely held businesses and professionals as well as business succession planning
  • Help you protect your assets and your privacy; avoid probate
  • Assist with business planning, including tying your business succession plans into your overall estate plan

Additionally, our Richmond estate planning lawyers are always prepared for possibility of your subsequent incapacity. Trusts, Durable Powers of Attorney, and Healthcare Powers of Attorney (sometimes referred to as Advanced Medical Directives) serve to protect you against subsequent incapacity and can help to avoid the potential conflict and time, expense and delay associated with filing for the appointment of a conservator or guardian.

Ayers & Stolte – Expert Richmond Estate Planning Lawyers

It’s important to review your will and other estate planning documents regularly, or when significant life events occur. A Richmond estate planner from Ayers & Stolte can offer estate plan advice designed to help you reflect the things that are important to you.

An estate plan is more than just a will. On the financial side, a good estate plan coordinates what would happen with your home, your investments, your business, your life insurance, your employee benefits (such as a 401K plan), and other property in the event you became disabled or if you die. If you don’t have a will, the state of Virginia will control who gets your property by default.

If you need a Richmond Law Firm specializing in estate planning by establishing will and trusts, living wills, Medical Directives and Powers of Attorney designed to protect you, call the skilled Richmond real estate lawyers at Ayers & Stolte. Either fill out our case review form or call Ayers & Stolte today at (804) 358-4731 for a free, honest case evaluation.